How camps are conducted


All applicants receive a confirmation email no later than 1 week before clinic commencement which details relevant clinic information.

All clinics commence with an orientation talk by the clinic co-ordinator. This talk includes welcome, clinic expectations, procedures and safety for the clinic.

How players are grouped for the sports clinics

Players are grouped according to age. If you are coming with a friend, we will put you in the same group provided you are similar in age.

On occasion players are moved once their experience has been assessed. This only occurs to give the player a group placement aimed at maximising their clinic experience.

It is rare for players to move groups once clinics have commenced.

Clinic Group sizes

The groups at all clinics are staffed on a ratio of 1 coach to 12 players.

However, this is often significantly reduced as the clinic co-ordinator and specialist coaches move around groups which reduces the ratio.

Younger groups are staffed at a lower ratio and often there is a second coach rostered to their group.

Clinic Coaching Program

Each clinic is different with different activities and skill experiences taught. Each coach has his/her own individual method of coaching making each clinic unique.

Most clinics are conducted over three days with four hours coaching per day.

All clinics have a similar format although the activities will vary due to venue, climatic conditions, the coach and program design.

Programs are designed to structured and challenging with a variety of activities which are fun and educationally sound.

All clinics include:

  • Registration and orientation activities (first day)
  • Welcome, introductions, clinic expectations and procedures (first day)
  • Warm up and stretches (all clinics on each day)
  • Sill teaching and instruction
  • Skill practices to develop the skills taught


Clinic Dates & Venues


Group of 2 - $20 discount per player
Group of 4 - $40 discount per player
Group of 6 - $50 discount per player

*Group booking procedure