As an expert coach and teacher, Geoff conducts truing seminars for coaches and teachers.
Seminars are catered to your requirements and include professional learning and in services for teachers.

Geoff Spotswood is a Level 3 Cricket Australia coach – which is the highest coaching ASC accreditation available. Geoff Spotswood has provided quality sport coaching programs for over twenty years, supplying quality coaches and coach training and consultation for school programs, cricket clubs and corporate events.


School Programs, Clubs and Corporate Events

Geoff provides coaches, coaching programs and training sessions for clubs and schools

All our coaches are accredited, experienced and able to deliver innovative coaching for all levels of players

Corporate events can be careered for and tailored to your requirements

Contact Geoff to discuss:

Mobile: 0401 382 409

cricket coaching for coaches


Lindfield Cricket Club Orientation to Cricket Coaching Introduction

These sessions are designed to give the players identified by the club to gain technical coaching

Session plan

  • What is Cricket?
  • Spirit of Cricket
  • Role of the Coach
  • Types of Coaching Styles
  • Quality Coaching

The following coaching principles should be applied irrespective of the age or standard of players:

  • Skills & technique teaching
  • Maximising Message

How the coach organises & prepares the session will have a great bearing on its success.

Practice Session Checklist

Sample 90 minute session

  • Group Organisation (5 minutes)
  • Physical warmup (10 minutes)
  • Speed practices (10 minutes)
  • Skill development (45 minutes)
  • Conditioning (15 minutes)
  • Conclusion & warm down (5 minutes)


Key points:

  • Setup Activities
  • Balance Activities
  • Judging Length Activities
  • Front foot shots
  • Back foot shots
  • Running between wickets
  • Building an Innings
  • Placement
  • Pace of shot
  • Partnerships
  • Targets



  • Short Catching
  • Outfield Catching
  • Defensive Fielding
  • Attacking Fielding
  • Fielding Activities
  • Wicketkeeping
  • Centre wicket sessions
  • Fielding positions



St. Ives Cricket Club Junior Coaching Program


  • Liaise with St. Ives JCC In2 Cricket Coordinators
  • Set up activity sessions & equipment each Saturday
  • Assist with marshalling children at start of sessions & announce organisation for the day
  • Provide coaching & involve parents in activities
  • Assist packup at end of each session

Summer Hill Cricket Club Coach the Coach Clinic

From Glenn - the club coach

I was impressed with Geoff's work, his routines, but particularly by his attitude and acceptance of the  several little hints and feedback I gave him, to make it relevant to the group and the clubs methodologies, which he professionally incorporated into his communications.

He likes working with our club he told me, cos we give him good direction and feedback and I suspect the attention and respect he thoroughly deserves.

My role now is to go about reinforcing the things he said. We should monitor the performances of the player group to see if Sunday makes an immediate difference.

From Deb - a girls coach

Firstly I thought the day was fantastic. To the point my head is spinning. I think half of the information that we were shown has fallen out. I would suggest two things:

  • Getting coaches to take notes describing the basics of each exercise so they have something to refer to. For me the stuff about using the back foot was invaluable however due to the other stuff  it has become muddled in my head
  • Allow participants to take a quick video of the exercise or photo at least.

I used 6 or 7 things at out training session on Tuesday already.

Thanks again for organising it

This course delivers current coaching strategies, skills and activities to coaches

  • 4 hours & practically based
  • Practical solutions to organising effective training sessions
  • Exciting games & activities to engage young players
  • Venues mutually agreed
  • User friendly drills & activities
  • Group management strategies
  • Detection & correction of technique errors
  • Ideal to develop club & school coaches

Geoff Spotswood Experienced and adult cricket coaching

Private Cricket coaching sessions are conducted by Geoff Spotswood and held at a range of venues throughout the year. Individualised sessions are tailored to each players’ needs allowing on-going player technique development in all areas.

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