Geoff Spotswood Experienced and adult cricket coaching

Geoff Spotswood is an expert coach (Level 3) and leading educator who coaches all cricketers from young beginners to adult players.

He is also one of the few sportsmen who have played First Grade cricket and rugby league.

The coaching programs Geoff conducts are well respected and highly regarded. Many current NSW and Australian representatives have been guided and mentored by Geoff, including Steve and Mark Waugh.

Geoff uses his unique cricket coaching program which has assisted experienced players from Australia and overseas to develop their game.

Geoff offers:

  • Holiday Cricket clinics
  • Clinics specifically designed for club & school requirements
  • Private technique coaching sessions (for beginners to adult players)
  • Club coaching sessions
  1. including “Coach the coaches”
  2. organising and conducting team, club or school coaching

Features of all coaching include:

  • Coaching is conducted by accredited coaches with experienced teachers as head coaches
  • Caters for park and club cricketers to elite players
  • Skill-intensive sessions which focus on detecting errors and analysing the correct technique which suits each individual
  • Excellent communication in an educationally-sound environment
  • Cricketers improve their skills, knowledge, physical fitness, confidence and self-esteem. These are achieved as a result of Geoff’s expert knowledge, experience and ability to work with players to understand their own game.
  • Bowling machines used
  • Video analysis
  • Options coaching sessions
  1. 1 coach to 1 player (contact Geoff to discuss details)
  2. 1 coach to 2 players

Contact Geoff to discuss your coaching needs: 0401382409


Geoff Spotswood School Holiday Cricket Clinics

Geoff Spotswood School Holiday Cricket Clinics

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Geoff Spotswood School Holiday Cricket Clinics